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Meet Evie

Fitness & Nutrition Expert, Seeker of Truth, Badass Inspirer

Hi, I’m Evie

When we fully understand that each day of our life is yet another step towards our final destiny is when we truly start living rather than merely existing.

You could describe my adolescence and early adult years as about as far removed from preparation of being a leader in health and fitness as imaginable. I did not grow up in a family who consciously valued fitness or nutrition. I ate my way through my childhood on McDonald’s and frozen pizzas. I was however, loved beyond measure and I always knew that I mattered. Not because of what others told me, but because of the fire I had inside ever since I can remember. I knew I would make a big impact on the world, I just had no idea how.

Death became a driving force in my life at age 10 when my father committed suicide. He never knew how worthy he was and never truly knew how to love. This was also something I could always grasp, even from an early age. It was through his death that I gained my first real lesson in living. While death had intimately touched my life as a child, it was with the death of my infant daughter, at age 27, that my entire existence was transformed.


Evie Fatz

Prior to this, I would consider myself as merely “going through the motions” in life. I created a highly successful career in the financial industry for the sole purpose of having money. I had a marriage I conveniently put on auto-pilot, I surrounded myself with convenient “friends” and was blind to the deeper purpose of my life. After the death of my daughter, I gained a profound awareness of how fleeting life is and made a decision I would no longer waste a day of my life going through the motions without purpose. I left my job, put work back into my marriage and began creating the family and life I now knew I was meant to create.

The mental anguish I was going through during this time was lessened when I pushed my body to new physical challenges. The better my body felt, the better my mind and spirit. Through fitness, I was creating a deeper existence and I found a need to share this with others.

I dove into health and fitness with full force. Mediocrity is unacceptable to me in life and I sure wasn’t going to merely meet the mediocre standards set by most of the fitness world. Therefore, I have spent the past decade becoming an expert in my field. My level of knowledge comes from both intellectual study and the countless hours spent working one on one with people from every different walk of life.

After years of running my own fitness coaching business, I realized the world at large needed help. Too many people out there are lost and confused due to the information age in which we currently live. The fitness and nutrition world is full of lies, misinformation and too many people only trying to sell products. I am bringing truth and knowledge back to fitness. I have dedicated my remaining years to guiding people to live their richest, best life through taking care of the body and mind.

I am brutally honest and passionate about my mission to help others. It is not about simply showing people how to lose-weight or exercise. Honestly, that part is pretty simple. I help people garner confidence and develop an appreciation for their body. Finding your purpose and eventually living a life of fulfillment starts with the proper care of the body you live in. Death is imminent. You can choose to truly LIVE or merely exist.

I train my body so I can do what I love for as long as I choose. There is no such thing as guessing when it comes to exercising for performance, and I train with 100% dedicated purpose.

Competing also forces me to experience discomfort which is the key to being a resilient human being. The more we practice being uncomfortable, the better equipped we will be when true adversity hits.

Evie in a sultry swimsuit

”Evie has the rarest combination of personal accountability, curiosity, and commitment. She truly is a student of life, and what makes life worth living.“

”Evie takes the import and serious things in life importantly, and seriously. But she also knows how to laugh, appreciate life and keep it all in perspective.“

”Everyone says they want to be happier, healthier, more wealthy in the things that count. But Evie is one of the few people I have ever come across that actively and ingeniously goes out and figures out how to make it happen. She is not tied to dogma or fads or anything fragile. She seeks out truth, embraces it and then applies it.“