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We make it simple for you to start earning income by doing what is right for your clients and the health of our world.


Once you’ve been approved for the EAT Affiliate Program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link that you can share on your website, emails, social media — however you choose.


Give your clients exactly what they are looking for…real food recipes that are simple, cost-effective and absolutely delicious! Your unique link allows your clientele to enroll in EAT and you to receive recurring monthly compensation at the rate of 30% for each enrollee.


By helping others learn what it means to eat real food, you get paid. As an EAT Affiliate, you earn a generous 30% of each subscription is each and every month. Simply by giving others exactly what they are looking for.

Evie Fatz makes nutrition simple again. The the information age, too much information has distracted us from simply eating GOOD, NUTRITIOUS food. EAT is timely in that it empowers it’s followers to eat and live well; no counting, no picking a side, no confusion…simply follow directions to feel better.

Nature used to be this bold to simply tell us what to eat, how to prepare it and what time of year to eat it…now we need Evie Fatz. I highly recommend this to anyone who just wants to simply eat heathy again!!!

Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot

NMD, Founder and Medical Director, The American Center for Biological Medicine

Who Doesn’t Want to EAT?

EAT by Evie Fatz Nutrition is changing the way the world eats.

Food doesn’t have to be complicated to be healthy and delicious. The people who want to eat for health and ideal body composition want to do the right thing but the fitness and nutrition world makes it overly complicated. People feel overwhelmed by the overload of information and opinions out there so they do nothing. EAT teaches people how to eat by giving them what to eat, each and every week.

As a health and wellness practitioner, I am sure you see the same things as I do with your clients and patients. EAT gives you the answer to exactly what your clients need the most…ideas of exactly what foods to eat.

With EAT, you can help your clients and patients get pointed in the right direction with their nutrition. While you can give suggestions and ideas of the types of food they need to consume for improved health and body composition, EAT gives them a weekly shopping list and easy, delicious recipes so they aren’t left searching Pinterest, cookbooks or other websites for ideas. If you aren’t providing your clients and patients with ideas on exactly what to eat, they are going to seek the information elsewhere. Why not give your them exactly what they want, from a trusted and knowledgeable source who is aligned with your mission to improve the health of those around you?

How it works:

Each Friday subscribers receive via email: a meal plan with a comprehensive shopping list, 3 breakfast recipes, 3 lunch recipes and 3 dinner recipes.

The shopping list isn’t just an ordinary shopping list. All of the items included are used across a variety of the recipes each week to save clients money on their grocery bill and avoid throwing out wasted food.

The recipes are guaranteed to have 5 ingredients or less and take less than 30 minutes to prepare. If people are going to learn how to eat, they have to be provided a plan they will actually use! Nobody wants to purchase 14 different ingredients for a “paleo” recipe they found on the internet or spend 2 hours making a complicated meal.

EAT educates people and proves to them that eating healthy isn’t expensive, it isn’t time consuming and it isn’t boring!

By providing your clients or patients the weekly EAT plan, they receive exactly what they want, you receive compensation for doing what’s right for them and ultimately, makes your job easier.

I started this program with gut issues, achy joints and just an overall feeling of yuck! I am feeling so good, no gut issues, my joints are feeling good, I’m down 12 lbs. and today I put on a pair of jeans not 1 but 2 sizes smaller than what I wore before.


Wife, Mother, EAT subscriber

What Makes EAT different?

  • The food consists of non-processed, real food. Gluten free grains on occasion and no dairy (some recipes have a dairy option for those who eat dairy)
  • Organic is always suggested.
  • Every week is seasonal. This is a major feature of EAT! Clients will be eating seasonally which is ideal for health. They will also be able to easily locate ingredients in the shopping list.
  • There is periodically a “treat” like gluten free, dairy free pancakes (that don’t taste like cardboard;). This is a nice addition because clients will learn how to have some “splurges” and still stay within what’s ideal for health.
  • EAT saves people a ton of money! Because ingredients are used across a variety of meals each week, people are only buying what they will use.
  • EAT was developed by Evie Fatz, who owned a gym and coached 1000’s of clients over the past 9 years on nutrition, lectures on nutrition and holds various nutritional certifications(OPEX Nutrition and Precious Nutrition L1) and is currently enrolled in the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program. But what makes her unique is prior to diving into the health and fitness world, she was dedicated to cooking exceptionally wonderful food. She brings together a love of food and an even greater love of health to help bring people back to eating for health. She also considers body composition and understands people want to look good naked! The recipes are perfectly balanced with protein, healthy carbs and fats.

In all her years of coaching, the number one question she received was “what do you eat?” So she compiled everything she has personally eaten and fed her family, for over the past 8 years to provide clients exactly what they are looking for…simple, delicious, cost-effective, ideal for health and conscious of body composition recipes.

If we want to improve the quality of health in our world, we have to reconnect people with the importance of eating real, quality food. We are on a mission to bring people back to the basics of creating health. EAT is going to play an important role in teaching people to appreciate preparing and enjoying food for life!

Give your clients, patients or followers what they are looking for, improve the health of the world around you and receive monthly recurring revenue!

We look forward to partnering with you.

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Get $100 off now!

One year EML Membership