Evie shares her list of the 5 things that you can do in less than 5 minutes each per day
This episodes reminds us that our body houses our spirit. If our body is not running in an optimal level
Evie breaks down the differences between what it means to be happy versus what it means to have true joy
In this episode Evie chats with her friends about adventures, the truth about parenting, and childhood. The ladies discuss the
Evie explains why motivation is complete bullsh*t because motivation is all about listening to things and seeing things when what
In this episode, my dear friend Dawn Veltri shares her journey with her son who was diagnosed with cancer as
Most people don’t have any idea why they’re doing the exercises or fitness program they’re doing. Chances are they’ve seen
In this episode, I lay out seven principles for creating optimal health. The most valuable lesson COVID-19 gave us is
In this episode I talk about how and what to feed your kids in order to provide them the gift
Counting your macros is all the rage but who is it appropriate for and who will it do more harm?

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