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Hang out with Evie Fatz long enough and she is sure to convince you that you can accomplish anything you want in life! Evie is on a mission to bring a new level of truth and authenticity to the world of nutrition and fitness. Bringing her high level of knowledge, from a decade of coaching, to teach people, just like you, what it means to live a life of fulfillment by eating real food, moving your body, and discovering what you want most in life. Her unique combination of high level fitness education, a bachelor’s degree in sociology, and a lifetime of overcoming painful loss and obstacles gives her an unprecedented ability to inspire people to make the most of each and every day! Through her EAT program she is taking the confusion out of healthy eating so you can leave behind dieting, deprivation and an exhausting relationship with food. Rest assured she will never sell you BS or quick fixes! She is about as real as it gets. Evie embraces life with a passion that is contagious and spreads her energy through her published writings and live events. Get onboard with Evie and you will quickly experience first hand how fulfilling life can be with a body and mind with limitless potential.

One thing I really appreciate about Evie is her ability to be super intense (way beyond what any normal human being is capable of;)) in terms of nutrition but not be judgmental about it at the same time. There aren’t many people who can do that.

Dr. Benjamin Ringger


Evie’s ability to use her tremendous knowledge of wellness to show you how and when to put the puzzle pieces of life together is a tremendous talent and skill all it’s own.

Cortney Martin

Business owner, wife & mother

Seeking out Evie changed my life. I initially contacted her because I was sick and tired of constantly feeling sick and tired. I am learning how important my diet is for fueling my activity. I am losing body fat and gaining muscle, all while eating more!

Philana McInnis

Wife & mother

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The Proper Way To EAT A Salad

Not all salads are created equal.

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Oxidative Stress: Is Your Exercise Routine Prematurely Aging Your Skin?

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Making Friends Beyond 40: How Do You Define Friendship

Making Friends Beyond 40: How Do You Define Friendship

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Fitness Industry Expert & Contributing Author

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