Evie Fatz - Nutrtion Specialist
In preparing to register my daughter for a new school, I had to dig out her original birth certificate. She
Is Meat Bad for Me? The answer is...yes and no. I don't say this to confuse you, but the truth
By now you are probably well aware of my cardinal rule when it comes to nutrition...protein first at every meal!
When it comes to losing weight or improving health, the vast majority of people seek out some magic "answer". Approaching
Proteins are organic molecules made up of amino acids – the building blocks of life. These amino acids are joined
How much fat should I eat? The answer is, it depends. Each of us are individuals and we have different
If you are already eating REAL food (which is food that can be caught, killed or grown), there are certain
What I am about to say is going to take some serious self-reflection and is guaranteed to make you squirm.
If you have followed me for any length of time, you have surely heard my rant about “treats”. A treat

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