As I was pulling into the grocery store parking lot the other day, someone else was pulling out of a spot right up front. Perfect…front row parking! As I sat there across the aisle, patiently waiting for the spot, a woman who was clearly oblivious to anything going on around her pulled in behind the person pulling out and just eased right into the spot I was waiting for. Now this sort of thing used to send me reeling but at this stage of my life I just take note and save the experience for one of my articles; like this one, on being aware. Later that same week, I was loading plants and flowers into flats at a local nursery and as I carefully selected the best plants and placed them in my stash, a lady mindlessly picked through my flat for her top choices. Honestly, she was standing not more than 10 inches from me and had absolutely no clue she was riffling through my flowers. Comical? Not really when you think about it. We are living in a world where most people lack even the most basic awareness.   How did we get here? That could take us down a deep rabbit hole and this article isn’t meant to figure that out. How this happened is really here nor there. What matters is how do we start becoming more aware and why do we even need to? If we want to improve our health we have to start by becoming aware of how we feel. As basic as it may sound, it really takes work. You need to become present. You start by taking a mental inventory from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes and assess how you feel. How do you feel upon waking? How do you feel after you eat a meal? How do you feel when you return home from work or pickup the kids from school? Start paying attention to how your skin looks and feels. Take notice of how certain foods make your gut feel. Make a mental note of when you have the most energy during the day or when you feel the most irritable. Building awareness isn’t optional if you want to create success in your pursuit of feeling and looking your best. If you have no idea your current state of being, you cannot expect to change it. Slow down. There isn’t anything in the world so critical that you have to blindly charge in. Listen to you and then start making changes to repair where you are dissatisfied. Your life will become richer. You health will improve and you won’t be digging through other people’s flowers;)
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