EP #121 Create a Mantra for Your Life

by | Apr 28, 2022

If you were to open your dream business, it would be obvious to have a mission statement or business plan in place. Yet, many of us haven’t even taken one or two hours to sit down and formulate a mission statement or mantra for our own life!

In this episode, Evie urges you to define yourself and your life. With so many distractions and things to take you off course, a mantra allows you to write your own life story rather than have the outside world toss you around and tell you who you are. So tune in as Evie shares how she found her mantra and uses it every day, hoping you may discover your mission and tap into the power of your own mantra.



  • What is the mission statement for your life?
  • Why having a mantra is a complete game-changer
  • Evie breaks down the 4 pieces of her mantra 
  • If you’re not writing the story of your life, who is?



“I can’t spend time worrying about what the world has in store for me or those people that I love. What I can do is accept what nature and what the world has in store for me, and then do my part actively each day by living to my mantra, living with a mission in place.”



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