EP #120 Do This Personal Inventory Prayer

by | Apr 27, 2022

In order to find and reach our true potential, there must be a balance of challenge and support. And while we often expect others to do this for us, the truth is the person responsible for this is us. We need to take a personal inventory every single day, so in this episode, Evie guides us to create a personal inventory prayer that provides a little bit of challenge, humility, and an equal amount of support. Tune in and learn this exercise in pride, gratitude, and how to find the most personal growth.



  • We all need positive reinforcement and accountability, from ourselves  
  • Why the world telling us we are just fine isn’t helpful
  • Do you have an outlet or escape mechanism in your life?
  • What is a personal inventory prayer? 
  • How to find and reach your potential 



 “It’s so simple, but it is so effective. It keeps you from shaming yourself. And it also gives you some momentum to build into the next day where we all have to just get up and start this whole process over again. It gives you accountability and some momentum to do the things that you’re doing a great job but also keeps you honest with yourself.”



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