How Much Protein Should I EAT?

by | Mar 27, 2018

How much protein do I need?

The answer is, it depends but I can almost guarantee you don’t eat enough of it.

Each of us are individuals and we have different requirements based upon our activity, our goals, our basal metabolic rate, and our fat/skeletal mass ratios. If you are new to EATing real food, don’t worry about how much protein, fat and carbs you are eating just yet. The rule of thumb you are going to follow is simple:

A fist size serving of protein, a wide spread hand of vegetables and a thumb sized serving of fat at each meal. Those of you who simply want to be healthy, have energy and avoid disease, that will most likely be as complicated as it needs to get.

For those who have more specific goals, after EATing real food for a long period time (as in months and years, not days and weeks) you will benefit from dialing things in a bit further. There is no one prescription for how many carbs, proteins and fats each of you need.

Before you can determine how much protein you should consume, it is important to understand how protein works in the body.

For both health and body composition reasons, building skeletal muscle tissue is critical. Protein is the building block of life. While most people recognize protein is important for large muscle development, rarely do you hear about the importance of protein for developing strong connective tissue. This is exactly what is going to support your joints as you age, so you can remain pain free and enjoy the freedom of moving your body, exploring new places and living without limitations!



More importantly than your body weight or body fat percentage, you need to have favorable ratios of skeletal muscle mass to fat mass. Adequate amounts of protein is the only way to create this ideal composition.

In nearly a decade of coaching, I have only come across 1 person, EVER, who was consuming enough protein for optimal health. Don’t limit your progress by EATing all the right foods but guessing on proper amounts.

If you want to know exactly how much protein, carbs and fats you should be consuming, be sure to request your 10 page extensive Nutrition Report completed by Evie. This report will provide you everything you need to get the personalized nutrition guidance you need, based upon your personal goals.

I feel like a new woman! I’ve been following the plan as closely as I can and significantly upped my calories. What a difference. I swear I’m even sleeping better! My nutrition is lasting my whole runs, even the long one! Thank you! I’m very happy with the changes!


Mother of 6, avid runner and 100+ lb. weight loss success story from plain old hard work!