A Fresh Start To Fall

by | Sep 27, 2019

What is it about fall that just feels like a time of year to re-group and set some new plans into action? I don’t know about you but fall for me is my favorite season! The beautiful colors, bright sunny days and cool, crisp mornings, squash, pumpkin and crockpot meals…ugh! Love it all!

 I always thought it was the change of seasons that kick started this feeling for me but living in Texas for 8 years where there wasn’t a change of season, I still had these feelings. Maybe it’s the memories from when I was a kid…school shopping, the smell of old books and pencil lead? Or the excitement during my high school days of cheering at football games (yes, I was a cheerleader – Go Team! Ha!) sweaters on, bright lights on the field and making plans with new friends? Well, whatever the catalyst, this time of year brings about an undeniable urge to start fresh.


I have laid out some very specific plans in various areas of my life and have set specific actions to take each day to implement these plans. My hope is that in sharing them with you, I can inspire you to do the same.

  • Personal – I am working towards spending less time “connected” to technology. This is all fine and great but how do I do that? I laid out ground rules…no checking phone, email, etc. for the first hour upon waking and again 90 minutes before bed.
  • Fitness – I am shifting my fitness routine back to advanced athletic movements. Since having shoulder surgery about 15 months ago, my fitness has suffered. I miss the sensation of doing some really hard shit and the gym! Therefore, I will add a 30 minute advanced movement/skill session to my afternoon schedule.
  • Family – Read an interesting novel with my daughter each night. As my daughter moves into her teens years, it is so easy to let distance come between us in our everyday lives. We both love to read, so we have agreed to spend 30 minutes each night reading a novel outloud together.
  • Professionally – Take on new challenges in public speaking. Specifically, I will submit content and applications to speak at one live event each quarter and submit requests to speak on a podcast once each month.


Where are you currently with your health and fitness and where do you want to be? What sort of energy do you have throughout the day? How does your nutrition look? Are you working towards creating fitness for a lifetime? Are you setting an example of health and wellness for your children? Are you taking steps each day to create the lifestyle you desire?


However you answered these questions, I am here to help you. Creating health and fitness takes work and having the support of a coach is invaluable when it comes to creating consistency and accountability. In order to make changes, you need to have a process and the right tools to help make it happen.

Take advantage of this time of year to create a fresh start and begin the journey of living your most authentic, fulfilling life.

Live Your Best Life

If you are seeking the tools and inspiration to make the changes you desire, take advantage of the upcoming live webinar with me! This is your chance to ask me anything you want to know, to help improve your health, your fitness and gain more happiiness.