Raw Sugar Episode #1 Taking Ownership of Your Own Life

by | Mar 19, 2020

There are no better times than these moments we’re currently living in to realize that our differences should not divide us but be the things that make us incredibly unique. 

In this episode, the first of It’s kind, Evie Is joined with friends for a new series called, “Raw Sugar.” Evie Is joined by friends to give you real and raw conversations about life, fitness, friends, and empowerment through the truth. These ladies open up to all of us to chat about the ways they stay fit by embracing different forms of movement and how they stay friends by embracing each others differences.

The shift required in order for us to come together during this time is to go from judging everyone else and shaming our differences to focusing on becoming an active participant in our own lives and owning the changes we would like to see. Our comfort zone is stretched when we learn from people who have completely different views from our own. 

Don’t miss this coffee conversation with Evie and her girls about being kind, embracing our differences, and the perfect way to move the current chaos to bay by shifting our shame and learning to love and understand others.