Raw Sugar Episode #3 The Hard Truth Of Parenting

by | May 14, 2020

In this episode Evie chats with her friends about adventures, the truth about parenting, and childhood. 

The episode kicks off with Evie’s friend chatting about her amazing experience hiking two volcanoes in Mexico, and what she learned from that experience. The importance of traveling is real because it helps establish relationships, opens our minds up, and let’s us learn more about ourselves. 

The ladies discuss the truth on important topics like being a people pleaser, caring what other people think, letting your guard down, and that things aren’t perfect. 

They then shift gears into parenting, and how it is actually really hard. Sometimes they question themselves as a parent and they’re very focused on not repeating what happened to them in their children. It’s a good thing to be vulnerable and ask for help sometimes. They agreed that they should let their kids be who they want to be and not be afraid of being judged for bad parenting.

Next, they talk about their thoughts on mindfulness- the good and the bad. 

Evie ends the episode by telling her listeners that in order for you to live optimally, you have to challenge your physical body in order to experience full vulnerability as well as your mind and spirit. All three should be challenged in order for us to truly become the best human we are capable of being.





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