Episode #32 Dealing With Low Testosterone In Men with Dr. TJ Williams

by | Jul 5, 2020

Today is Evie is at the Institute of Natural health with Dr. TJ Williams discussing mens health.

They are uncovering why Men not having enough testosterone seems to be becoming more common. Many men ranging from all ages are only half of where they need to be to be considered healthy. Low testosterone can cause health Issues because this magic hormone allows your body to heal and prepare.

Dr. Williams explains that men being expose to more toxic chemicals, more estrogens through the form of plastic, our unhealthy food supply, and the Insane amount of sugar most consume are just some of the reasons why this Is becoming more and more of a common Issue. 

Symptoms that mean you may have low testosterone:
1. Gut Issues
2. fatigue
3. Cardiovascular Issues
4. Low cholesterol
5. Brain fog

From testosterone replacements, cutting sugar, and changing your diet Evie and Dr. Williams discuss ways to raise your testosterone levels and what the road to fixing It looks like.

Learn more about Dr. TJ Williams and the Institute For Functional Medicine.




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