EP #59 Who Are You Without Alcohol with Paul Vedder

by | Jan 28, 2021

After many follow up requests on the most downloaded episode in the first year of EML Radio, Evie comes back with another episode that gets real and intimate with the struggles of alcohol use. Paul Vedder – a father of two with a story that moved Evie, joins us as he shares his story of how he turned to alcohol when the stresses of life were too much for him to bear. Tune in as both Evie and Paul open up about their upbringing, their struggles with alcoholism, the effect it had on their children, as well as tips on how to avoid using alcohol as a crutch. 



  • Sharing your story; What it means to be truly vulnerable.  
  • Paul’s and Evie’s relationship with alcohol.
  • Paul’s and Evie’s turning points; what changed their lives. 
  • Making your actions meet your goals. 
  • How to stop using alcohol as a crutch. 



“If happiness is your singular focus in life, you are completely diminishing the whole human experience.” 



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