EP #68 Is A Caloric Deficit The Most Important Factor In Weight Loss

by | Apr 22, 2021


Welcome to the “True or False with Dr. TJ” series! Dr. TJ Williams is the Founder and Clinical Director of The Institute of Natural Health. With his unique insights on functional medicine, Dr. TJ has a noteworthy approach to understanding the human condition and the natural treatments needed to heal the body. In this True or False series, Evie and Dr. TJ will be debunking some popular myths you may have heard about nutrition and health.

In this episode, Evie and Dr. TJ venture into the myth of counting calories and the role it plays in weight gain or weight loss. Find out how you could be falling into the traps of trying to solve this math problem, and how to start shifting your perspective on weight into a biological problem instead! You will also learn more about how metabolism works in your body and the roles that muscle and fat play in your weight gain or weight loss journey. 



  • Why weight loss/gain is not just a math problem.  
  • How your metabolism is like a fire. 
  • The crucial role that muscle plays in your metabolism. 
  • Flaws in the BMI system. 
  • The effects of fat on hormones. 


“There’s too many things that can be way better for you than just starving yourself, and a caloric deficit is rarely the answer.”


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