EP #74 Making the Best Out of Challenge

by | Jun 3, 2021

What do you do when you’re faced with big challenges in your life? Evie and her daughter Scarlett Fatz had to overcome one of their biggest COVID challenges yet when faced with making a tough decision between online and in-person schooling. 

Tune in as Scarlett, her best friend Taryn Costa, and their teacher Kat Wieber, reflect on their online school experiences and share the biggest lessons learned from them. Scarlett and Taryn also reveal their favorite and most challenging parts of online learning, as well as how they adapted to their new learning environment. So take a glimpse into the lives of Scarlett and Taryn to better understand the struggles of our kids when dealing with the isolating effects of COVID.



  • How to make decisions in difficult situations. 
  • Biggest challenges of online school. 
  • Things that were lacking in their online learning experience. 
  • Takeaways and lessons learned from online schooling. 
  • Differences between online and in-person learning. 
  • The importance of checking in with your kid. 



“The point of all of this is that there always is somewhat of a solution, regardless of the challenges that we face. You can sit back and complain about it, or you can have to figure out how you’re going to make it work.”



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