EP #77 The Truth Behind a Successful Marriage

by | Jul 1, 2021

Behind every anniversary or milestone achieved in marriage lies commitment, honesty, and a whole lot of work. Join Evie and her husband as they celebrate 25 years of marriage and take you through the highs and lows of their journey together. 

They also share how they overcame the many road bumps encountered throughout the course of their relationship, from dating to marriage to building a family. So tune in and learn about the importance of putting in the hard but necessary work in your relationship, and uncover the keys to creating a successful marriage. 



  • Being your own person in a relationship. 
  • Finding true intimacy with your partner. 
  • Navigating the grief and pain of losing a child. 
  • The importance of trusting in yourself and what you need. 
  • Moments in life that we take for granted. 
  • How to focus your attention on the right things. 
  • Building trust and transparency with your children. 
  • Turning negative experiences into something positive. 



“You will never live to your highest potential and happiness and true fulfillment if everything in your life is all about you.”

“Remember that it’s all work. There isn’t an easy path. And that’s why you have to embrace the struggle and be willing to work at all these different areas of your life.”



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