EP #108 Raw Sugar: Inflammation, Worshipping at the Gods of Social Media, and Stepping Away

by | Feb 10, 2022

What better way to kick off Evie’s first full video podcast than with a raw sugar episode with EML’s best friend Jen! Tune in as they get personal and talk about facials gone wrong, assessing your tribe, why social media has become the new face of God, and asks, what are you kneeling before?

Listen in as these two best friends speak the hard truths of today and urge you to step away, turn off social media, meditate, connect with your true self, and give yourself permission to return to your power.


– Jen and Evie’s facial gone wrong!

– Evie’s love for people watching at the gym

– Why everyone is seemingly getting a free pass

– Life is a struggle but it’s also an opportunity

– Are you worshipping at the feet of social media?

– Who are the most influential people in your life?

– The value of disconnecting and becoming a devotee to yourself


 “Social media has become the face of God to people. It’s a God, right? People worship it, they go to it every morning, and they spend time with it. And then in the middle of the afternoon, they spend time with it. Or maybe all day long they’re worshipping at the social media gods, if you think about it that way.”


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