EP #110: Dissenting Opinions and the Psychology of Success with Erik Ledin | Part 2

by | Feb 24, 2022

Never falling victim to groupthink, Evie welcomes fellow dissenter and president of Lean Bodies Consulting, Erik Ledin, for part two of their discussion on the raw truths of the fitness industry. Tune in as they explore the connection between mindset and physiology, traversing a saturated industry as a fitness coach, and the role of social media in health and politics. Don’t miss the conclusion of this fun and frank dialogue about the interplay between wellness, the fitness industry, and current world affairs.



– Invest in the process, not the outcome 

– Precision eating versus intuitive eating, and when to use both

– Why losing fat is not your goal!

– How the fitness industry attracted business coach cancer

– “Use social media, but don’t let it be used on you”

– Understanding COVID as a motivator, not an inhibitor



“Most people don’t understand the fact that it’s not a backpack, that it’s balloons. Because they think I’ve lost my fat, I’m good to go. You’re not good to go. This is the hardest part.”

“I wanted to train for a long time because now it’s not about being jacked. It’s about the activities of daily living being easy for a long time. And I still want to look good of course.”



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