EP #112 You Are Not Your Thoughts

by | Mar 3, 2022

If you have ever tried to meditate, you know how quickly and how easily thoughts can pop into our minds. It is clear that we cannot control our thoughts, but can we separate ourselves from them?

In this episode, Evie wants you to understand the difference between who you are and the thoughts you have. We do not need to be a puppet to our thoughts, believing and acting on everything that comes into our mind. Find your discipline and tune in for Evie’s tips on upgrading your inner dialogue. 



– Recognizing we are not merely our thoughts

– Just because you think it doesn’t mean you should act on it

– Can you remove yourself from what you’re thinking?

– How to upgrade your thoughts

– What thoughts are holding you back?



“If we want to have any level of success and then ultimately freedom from constantly being this puppet drug around and acting upon everything that pops into our mind, it requires us removing who we are from our thoughts themselves.”



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