EP #114 Raw Sugar: Obstacles

by | Mar 17, 2022

Evie and her best friend Jen talk parenting, self-doubt, and your code of honor in this installment of Raw Sugar, all about obstacles. Tune in as they discuss the necessity of obstacles – the bumps in the road that help you wake up and often come when you are about to break through your own ceiling into the unknown. While self-imposed obstacles can act as a survival mechanism, stop dumbing yourself down or taking a different path. Listen in, face your fears, find your tools, and learn to stand strong in who you are!



– Is being yourself truly effortless?

– Understanding obstacles as opportunities 

– Why you need to connect to the work, not the result 

– Internal versus external obstacles 

– How are obstacles a survival mechanism?

– The consequences of growing up without obstacles



“Obstacles are powerful places where you go: ‘You’re doing really good work. Now I’m going to put an obstacle here for you to actually do better work.’”



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