EP #116 You Are Not Alone

by | Mar 31, 2022

Coming off a bad day recently, Evie couldn’t help but run through the laundry list of things she had to solve. Realizing only later that she was destroying her favorite day of the week and her present moment by doing so, something we all can relate to. Because everyone is going through it, struggling one way or another, but we aren’t supposed to talk about it. Right? 

In this episode, Evie shares what we all need to hear right now – you are not alone! We are all muddling through life together, and we need to share that and take comfort in it. So reach out to your fellow humans and connect to someone real!



– You don’t have to solve the world’s problems right now

– Why you only need to savor the present moment 

– The power in knowing you are not alone

– Are we really overconnected?

– Make it a point to reach out and connect to someone real 



“Everything doesn’t have to be solved right now. Breathe, relax, be patient, and live in the moment.”

“The past is gone. What we’re hoping for in the future is not here yet. The only moment we actually really should be savoring is the one we’re in.”

“Make it a point, once a day or maybe just once a week, whatever you feel like you are needing and whenever you feel particularly on your own and struggling, reach out and connect to someone real.”



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