EP #118 Who Are You Competing With: Yourself or Others?

by | Apr 7, 2022

Who are your competitors? Who do you chase, try to reach, or want to overpass? Does this focus on others take away from your focus though? And is competition really the path to success?

In this episode, Evie explains why she has no competition. Sure, there are successful and aspirational figures she wants to catch, but she doesn’t compete with them. She learns from them and competes only with herself. Focusing on someone else is not how YOU succeed. Doing the work and beating yourself to be better each day is how empires are built. So stop looking at everyone else and start competing with yourself!



– Evie’s personal and professional transformation

– Feeling worthy of re-branding as herself, Evie Fatz

– If you want to make it big, you have to put yourself out there

– Why Evie does not compete with other people

– The person you should be competing with is you 



“If we are so focused on who we’re ahead of and who we’re beating, we are going to miss the work and the absolutely laser-sharp focus it takes for us to get where we want to go in life.”



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