One day this week I woke up to an email from one of our coaches at LOTUS saying her water had broken and today she would be having a baby. I went to bed the night before that praying for my marketing director and her young son. He was having a follow up scan to confirm his childhood cancer was still in complete remission. Two people I love dearly, experiencing some of the most intense human emotions in entirely different ways, all at the same time. We all share a basic common reality.  We all experience the characteristics, key events, and situations which compose the essentials of human existence, such as birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict, and mortality. Yet, so often we are caught up in our own lives, we forget others are going through exactly what we are in life only through different experiences. We develop different perspectives from these experiences and THAT is what makes us unique but the same human existence is still at our core. Acknowledgment of our shared human existence is clearly missing in our world today. Sure there has always been conflict but the level of intolerance I witness at large is saddening. Constant battling over politics, religion, sexuality, human behavior…the list is endless. Perfect strangers engaged in verbal wars on news shows and social media. Often times acquaintances and even family members writing things to one another via technology they would never say when face to face.   Technology has changed the way we as humans communicate. We can communicate with literally anyone in the world at nearly anytime we choose. As an entrepreneur the world is now my marketplace. People now have the freedom to work from wherever they choose and there are some out there making millions of dollars off of their phones! These are all beautiful developments to our world but along with it, we can’t lose our ability to communicate face to face. We need to remind ourselves the name on the other side of the screen has a human face that goes along with it. And most importantly, their basic human existence is no different than our own. The only differences we have as human beings are our experiences. Our perspectives vary, our existence does not. The concept of a shared reality is easy to discuss but extremely difficult to practice. Our tendency is to approach others as if they are so different from ourselves. Whether or not someone shares your same views and beliefs does not change the fact that they are going through a life of human existence exactly the same as you. Stop and really think about that. Each person in this world is born and will die. We will experience different occurrences that shape our perspective but in the end, we are all just trying to live. The more we focus on this commonality, the more acceptance and truth we can bring into the world.   If you are used to reading my blog for the health and fitness insight I provide, you may be asking yourself “What does any of this have to do with health?” The answer is everything. I speak frequently to the importance of taking care of our bodies because they house the soul. But what about our minds? Our thoughts directly impact our actions. If we can start practicing peaceful thinking, create awareness around our human condition and stop focusing on conflict, our actions can follow. We can stop approaching food as something to control or battle. Moving your body can become more about supporting your existence and purpose on earth rather than something that has to wear you out or cause undo stress. You can find comfort in knowing everyone else out there has the same requirements as you to take care of themselves. Our ability to live a healthy, long life depends upon how we treat our bodies. How we treat our bodies begins with our mind. We are all in this life together, no matter how different we may seem. If we want to live a life of fulfillment, we have to create health in body, mind and spirit. Begin practicing kind thoughts towards yourself and others. Speak to yourself with love and acceptance and watch how this unfolds in your communication with those around you. Take action on moving your body the way it was intended to move and feel your spirit begin to soar.  

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