If You Want To Change Your Life You Cannot Lean On Others

by | May 11, 2018

There is a term I like to use to describe those individuals who create dramatic change in their lives; I call it “flipping a switch”.

One day, they wake up and take action to stop accepting what they were accepting before. Rachel Grainger has flipped the switch. She has a remarkable story to share about taking responsibility for who she is inside.

For those of you moms out there, who feel you have lost part of yourself, you need to listen to Rachel’s story. Rachel is a mother of 6 children who lost over 100 lbs. over a two year period. She didn’t seek out short-cuts. She didn’t (in her own words) “lean on others”. She earned her authentic life back by taking action.

This interview could very well change your life as well.

“People want to hear there is a program they can lean on.

They want to hear something will catch them and you aren’t going to have success that way.”


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