Getting Back To Nature: We Are Connected To The Earth

by | Jun 19, 2018

There is something therapeutic about digging your hands into the earth. The smell of rich, pungent soil and the warmth of the earth in your hands as you plant vegetables to nourish your body or maybe flowers to nourish your spirit. We are one with nature.

I wasn’t brought up gardening but found peace in the practice about 16 years ago, after the death of my first born child. I spent all of my days creating a walk-thru garden and tending to over 50 varieties of heirloom rose bushes. Each rose with a name and a story as to its’ significance in earning a spot in this memorial garden. In the evenings, I passed my time sitting by the koi pond my husband and I had dug by hand, in an effort to keep ourselves busy and lighten the immense pain and void in our hearts.

These are memories I deeply cherish. I appreciate all the lessons this practice would teach me and at the time, had no idea I would eventually pass on to others.

As a coach, I consider my role to reach far beyond that of helping others learn to eat and move their bodies. More importantly, my goal is to help others appreciate our connection to nature. To help you uncover what it is that makes not only your body flourish, but also your spirit.

My friend and client, Julie, is experiencing just that. She recently shared this message with me and I wanted to pass it on to you…

“I wanted to thank you for the challenges regarding nutrition and as you know I have really changed a lot of our eating practices and am walking and moving regularly. Summer also increases my movement too!”



“I took a few pictures today thinking of you and EAT, as I watered in my greenhouse. I am proud of the transitions I have made and the hobby I have established that is very holistic for me; a place of peace, mindfulness in that I am producing what we are eating, movement – trust me gardening is lifting, bending, sweating, etc!
Turnips, okra, potatoes, tomatoes, jalapenos, 100 strawberry plants, squash, onions, herbs – The southern veggie/salsa garden! FLOWERS too! A girl needs her flowers!
I have also included a picture of 618, or Daisy, as I call her! Perception is everything – She is getting fat and isn’t she BEAUTIFUL! hahah! She likes her daily dose of sweet feed in her yellow bucket! She will produce our hamburger, steaks, prime rib, and briskets and we know exactly what she has eaten, no antibiotics, preservatives etc.”



“When the freezer is full of healthy proteins and the fridge is full of healthy veggies I stay home and cook! 
Still will have my 44 North on occasion and am working to increase my planks, my weights, etc. Thank you for choosing me to be on your advisory board, as I really do enjoy it, hope it’s beneficial for you!  Excited to see this come to life!”



I did not know Julie all those years ago when gardening came into my life and I surely didn’t know how that practice would help influence others nearly 20 years later. I guess that is the beauty of discovering who you are, what you are meant to do and how to connect that purpose back to the earth. Selfishly, I garner some satisfaction knowing my practice could help Julie, and many others in the world connect their bodies and spirits back to nature.

I encourage you to start a practice of connecting to the earth. It provides us all we need, if we just slow down long enough to become aware of it. EAT what is in season; either grow it yourself or visit local markets. Get outdoors and MOVE your body in ways that enhance your overall existence; not just what may help you lose those extra pounds. Be mindful of the world around you; how you are connected to it and others around you.

When we connect back to nature, we find our most fulfilling life.

Evie Fatz, Fitness and Nutrition Expert, Seeker of Truth & Badass Inspirer