What About The Rest Of Us?

by | Jul 6, 2018

In the world of fitness, the only highlights you ever see are the huge success stories. The gal who lost 30 lbs. in 30 days. The guy who went from “flab to fab” by doing a “high intensity” workout 3x per week.

Even I have a tendency to mostly share stories of people who are dedicated, consistent, working each day to get the results they desire and their bodies are changing. They feel better, have more energy and they are losing body fat. BOOM! This is encouraging to say the least. After all, who wants to participate in a program in which you don’t see results for a long time? Nobody…but guess what? There are a lot of folks who are struggling. Even when they are eating and moving, and “doing all the right things”, some people aren’t seeing changes.

What about those who have hormone disruption or adrenal issues? What about those who have emotional trauma that causes them to self-sabotage? What about those who have suffered from an eating disorder their entire life? What about those who suffer from insomnia and can’t lose weight? Or those who do not have a supportive family or friends?

These are people we need to talk about more often. These people represent the vast majority of people out there. But nobody ever really wants to talk about the struggle. Talking about struggle and heartache is uncomfortable and it takes vulnerability. In simple terms—it sucks! But it’s the truth and if we address it, it allows each of you who are also struggling to realize you’re not alone.

In fact, it’s a heck of a lot more difficult to keep showing up when you’re not seeing results than when you are. And this is why we need to spend more highlighting real stories of people who struggle with fitness! Each of you who struggle can get there. It may not be in the time frame society has deemed reasonable and it may not even be within the time frame you had hoped. But trusting, fighting through the negative self talk, showing up when you really don’t feel like it and starting by improving nutritional habits and the quality of the foods you EAT is the answer.



Be vulnerable and rely on those of us who are going to provide challenge and support. Those of us who are dedicated to telling the truth in fitness and helping people live their best life!

I am wired to believe in people. So much so that I firmly believe anyone is capable of anything. Truly anything!



All of these pieces only come together when you know your “why”. Why do you need to look and feel better? We all have a purpose. We all need to know that we matter. We all need to find our significance. It is when we are connected to our why that the how becomes less daunting.

Embrace the struggle. Celebrate the struggle. It is only when we fully embrace the battle that we fully appreciate the victory!