Episode #12 5 Truths To Takeaway During COVID-19

by | Apr 2, 2020


Times like this are separators. These are the times people use setbacks or fear as an excuse OR you make the choice to use times like this to learn and grow and become more resilient.”

In this episode, Evie talks about 5 major areas she really hope people take the time to focus on. She believes It’s time for people to be more open minded and stop blaming others for the way they perceive or respond to this situation. This should teach us all things we can use for the rest of our lives, not just during this quarantine.

5 Major Areas:

1.) Start taking your health more seriously, stop taking it for granted.

She hopes people will consider creating habits that provide optimal wellness and stop taking their health for granted. 45% of people In this country are obese, and this is because we have a lifestyle of access. The people who are most fearful are the people who know for a fact that they neglect their health.

2.) Slowing down

Evie believes we are sheltered in place, not quarantined. She hopes others use this as an opportunity to seek true peace and silence.This is an opportunity to focus on your health and be more aware.

3.) The things you are experiencing, the lack, is normal in 3rd world countries. 

There are alot of people around the world that are constantly fighting for necessities.

4.) You do not matter more than anyone else than has existed throughout time. 

Throughout history, people have sacrificed their lives through the military or genocide, we think of those situations as something that can’t happen to us. We all share the same human experience. 

Evie believes we tend to be very self-centered and think about ourselves and families as more important than anything or anyone else. We all are born, we all go through experiences, and we all die. When we start having appreciation for that then and only then will we start realizing our opinions don’t matter more than anyone else’s. 

5.) Take this opportunity to wrap your brain around your own mortality

People are afraid that if they talk about their death, they will bring it about sooner. Evie is not saying to dwell on it, but use it as inspiration. She challenges everyone to build a practice around acknowledging your mortality. 

So If you’re struggling with anxiety or thoughts around the changes occurring during COVID-19, this Is a great episode to help you create your own truths and better habits right now!