Episode #13 Healing Your Metabolism And What To Consider When Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

by | Apr 7, 2020

“Most women over 40+ are dieting over and over and struggling to loose weight. Or they are yo-yo dieting every time a new hit diet comes up to only loose the weight and gain It right back.”

Sound familiar? 

This Is Evie’s favorite thing to help women with and It’s something she does in her business every day. In this episode, she breaks down why someone else’s successful weight loss journey may be very different from yours. From 40 and very active, to men vs. women on keto, to men vs. women on paleo, to the effects of heavy lifting vs resistance training, Evie covers every single reason why your approach to weight loss can’t be a cookie cutter approach.

Evie gives us a few practical and simple ways to start our health journey and heal our metabolism now:
1.) Focus on colors not calories
2.) Being micro nutrient deficient Is NOT the way
3.) Understanding lean body mass Is expensive real estate and you must take care of It or you will loose It
4.) Understand men vs women ability to carry body fat Is NOT the same
5.) Cardio with no carbs just cuts into your lean body mass, eventually effecting your metabolism
6.) Reverse dieting is the best place to start to boost your metabolism as you will have to retain your body to believe you won’t starve It

Evie Is challenging us to understand that while fad diets look like they work for others, and they do, there Is no one size fits all approach to your weight loss and health journey. There are so many factors to consider when looking to make a significant change. 




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