Episode #14 Creating A Daily Practice For Fullfilment

by | Apr 9, 2020

Evie talks about what it means to have a practice of becoming a more wholehearted, fulfilled individual.

She discussed one instance where her therapist told her, “There is a big difference between saying Yes I am grateful, acting grateful for things vs. having a practice of living in gratitude”. Saying you’re grateful is like putting a windbreaker in a snowstorm. Just saying you’re grateful doesn’t sustain you in the hard times. One must have a daily practice to truly live in gratitude.

Daily practice gives you an armor and protection, so when you fall into hard times, you won’t fall to the wayside.

She also pointed out that people should practice if someone decides to be better at whatever they do, which should go the same for being grateful.

People don’t practice developing empathy, high levels of gratitude, and being more patient and compassionate. We need to form a dedicated practice that helps us become better individuals. It doesn’t happen without that main ingredient.

Evie shared a few things to develop to be a better person:

1. Write down areas of your life that you are lacking
Are you lacking in patience? Humility? How about your ability to be vulnerable? Write it down whatever it is.

2. Take one area of your life that you wrote down and sit with it for a minute
Write down ways in which you could take action steps to improve in that area.

3. Continue that practice on a daily basis
Work on one item on your list at a time. Do not work on multiple areas at once.

ONE TRUTH: If you think you don’t need all of these, you actually need it more than anybody else. Ask yourself why you are resistant to do practices to make you a more fulfilled, wholehearted human.





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