Episode #15 Keeping Your Problems in Perspective

by | Apr 14, 2020

Evie shares a very timely story that became her families eye-opener, an event of their lives that made them bring things back into perspective and realize that our problems are not as big as we think they are.

Her husband was involved In a car accident recently about six weeks because he was trying to multi-task while driving. He stopped at a red light in an intersection and since his mind was really occupied that time, he stepped on the gas before the light turned green and hit another vehicle. The damage was so serious that the collision totaled both automobiles, fortunately no one got hurt seriously.

Evie’s spouse was charged with careless driving which required him to show up in court. Slowing down and being around other people in the courtroom with other problems truly caused him to think twice. He listened to stories of other people who were unable to pay their fine and those with drug possession and realized he needed to slow down. 

He shared the story with Evie when he got home and learned to appreciate what they currently have. He even felt embarrassed to be in the courtroom.

People may have control of what they do with their life but many of us don’t have the same opportunity to make money, receive support, and  access to education. Evie challenges us to self-reflect and appreciate what we have right now because there are so many people around you that want to live like you do.

We all have struggles on different levels but we have to step back and make sure that we are keeping these problems in perspective, and see to it that our minds do not magnify our problems so that we are never hopeless.

One Truth: Your problems are not as big as what you think they are.




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