EP #57 Taking The Hard Road

by | Jan 17, 2021

How many times have you shied away from taking the difficult route for something easier and more comfortable? Would you still do it knowing that taking the easier route would set you back in the long run? It’s hard to take the road less traveled, that is why in this episode, Evie opens up about her most difficult decision yet – leaving social media. Tune in to find out her reasons for doing so and learn more about the new private platform that she will be moving to. 



  • Censorship on social media and its impact on online businesses. 
  • Making the move from social media. 
  • The New Normal: About Evie’s new private platform. 
  • Into the Unknown: Evie’s decision on taking the hard road. 



 “All of you need to remember that the most important speech for you to be defending is the speech that you vehemently hate.”



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