EP #70 True or False: Is Adrenal Fatigue Real? with Dr. TJ

by | May 6, 2021

Welcome to the “True or False with Dr. TJ” series! Dr. TJ Williams is the Founder and Clinical Director of The Institute of Natural Health. With his unique insights on functional medicine, Dr. TJ has a noteworthy approach to understanding the human condition and the natural treatments needed to heal the body. In this True or False series, Evie and Dr. TJ will be debunking some popular myths you may have heard about nutrition and health.

We all know that stress can have negative effects on the body such as exhaustion, weight gain, and mood swings. But what if we told you that you’ve been focusing on the wrong kinds of stressors to get rid of those negative effects? In this episode, Evie and Dr. TJ talk about the perceived and real stressors that are causing you to feel tired, and what you should actually be doing in order to feel energized throughout the day. The answer is much simpler than you think – tune in now to find out! 



  • Perceived stress versus Real stress. 
  • The importance of focusing on physiological stress.  
  • The real reason why you’re feeling tired and worn out. 
  • How blood sugar dysregulation affects your sleep.  
  • Ways to get rid of your real stresses.  


“Every time that fork goes into your mouth, it’s your choice. So you’re either choosing to fuel your body with things that you know are going to make you healthy, or you’re choosing to fuel your body with things that you know are going to make you sick, the choice is yours.”


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