Raw Sugar Series – EP #5 Self-Care, Diet Trends, and Strengthening Your Relationship with Food.

by | May 13, 2021

Evie and Jen bring back the Raw Sugar Series on this episode, where they get real about self-care, diet, and connecting with yourself. Tune in as they share their thoughts on parenting our younger generation, the overcomplication of food and nutrition, and why the topic of self-care is so prevalent in today’s day and age. Evie and Jen also discuss the importance of honoring yourself, your time, and your life. Stick to the end to uncover some actionable tips to nurture and strengthen your relationship with food! 



  • What does self-care truly look like?  
  • Why self-care is so prevalent in the world today. 
  • The importance of having a purpose and an aim. 
  • Thoughts on social media content. 
  • How relevant and helpful are current diet fads? 
  • Nurturing your relationship with food. 
  • How to eat food that is right for your body. 



“If you focus on the task and not the meaning behind it, it becomes just that, it’s a task.”





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