EP #79 Using Truth to Perpetuate a Lie

by | Jul 15, 2021

Many of us stick to narratives about ourselves and repeat them day after day, but how many of these narratives are actually true? 

In this episode, Evie shows how easy it is for us to take truths about ourselves and turn them into little everyday lies. Find out how exactly we form these fake narratives and why they’re so difficult to break. Evie will also share ways to break these narratives and live a life that is more authentic and fulfilling! 



  • How truth enables us to lie to ourselves. 
  • Why fake narratives based on truths are so hard to break. 
  • How to turn your fake narrative around. 
  • The importance of taking it one piece at a time. 
  • The consequences of living a life of lies. 



“It is very easy to take a truth, spin it to our advantage, and give ourselves an excuse for why we’re not doing all that we can be doing. And ultimately, those become lies.”



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