EP #84 Be the Solution with Maj Toure

by | Aug 19, 2021

Maj Toure is a political activist making waves in his efforts to advance the cause of conservatism. By founding Black Guns Matter and the Solutionary Lifestyle, Maj is on a mission to find nothing but solutions between even the most polarizing of communities.

In this episode, Evie and Maj discuss the dangers of being overly attached to your ideologies, the Black conservative movement, the Solutionary Summit, and have real conversations about supporting marginalized communities. 

So join in on this discussion to find out how you too can adopt the Solutionary Lifestyle and Be the Solution with Maj Toure today. 



  • The 3 steps to the Solutionary Lifestyle 
  • How to truly advance the conservatism cause 
  • What is the Solutionary Summit and who is it for? 
  • The unsustainability of political polarity 
  • How to be authentic allies to marginalized communities 



“I can’t save a community if I’m not even a part of it.”

 “Most movements potentially suffer, at some point, from you hearing the same faces all of the time.”

“This path of polarization that we’re on right now is not sustainable.” 



Maj Toure




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