EP #85 Fitness Changed My Life with Matthew Farina

by | Aug 26, 2021

In this episode, Evie invites a longtime good friend, Matthew Farina, to share how fitness transformed his life. As he shares his journey with us, you will see how the lessons and skills learned from fitness can aid you in other areas of your life. Evie and Matthew also chat about his time in the military, remote coaching, and so much more! So join in on this laidback and honest conversation, and witness the lasting effects that fitness can have in your life. 



  • Matthew’s health and fitness journey 
  • How fitness can give you direction in life 
  • Biggest lessons learned from the military
  • Thoughts on coaching and scaling your business 



“You just kind of got to go out of your way and figure it out for yourself and just talk to different people. You don’t know the answer, but you got to go find it.”



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