EP #86 True or False: The Truth About Menopause with Dr. TJ

by | Sep 2, 2021

Welcome to the “True or False with Dr. TJ” series! Dr. TJ Williams is the Founder and Clinical Director of The Institute of Natural Health. With his unique insights on functional medicine, Dr. TJ has a noteworthy approach to understanding the human condition and the natural treatments needed to heal the body. In this True or False series, Evie and Dr. TJ will be debunking some popular myths you may have heard about nutrition and health.

In this episode, Evie and Dr. TJ clear some of the most common myths surrounding menopause. Tune in to understand how our hormones work and when hormone imbalances may potentially occur. Evie and Dr. TJ also discuss our dependence on quick fixes, whether hysterectomy is the right choice for you, and much more! 



  • Is increased facial hair a common consequence of menopause? 
  • How your hormones are connected with each other 
  • Looking at our body as a whole 
  • Functional Medicine vs Western Medicine
  • Is a hysterectomy the right decision for you? 



“Hormones are like a spider’s web. If you touch one edge of a spider’s web, the whole thing vibrates. If one hormone is out of balance, they’re all affected.”



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