EP #87 Raw Sugar: Take Action by Starting with Your Own Life

by | Sep 9, 2021

Tune in as Evie and Jen return with another Raw Sugar series episode!

In this episode, the duo discusses the importance (and lack) of critical thinking and solution-driven actions. How are you dealing with conflicting beliefs and ideologies in your community? What and who are you standing up for in this crucial time of our lives? Join in on the conversation as Evia and Jen discuss the action we need to start taking in order to become the solution and not the problem. 



  • The power of connection through community and energy 
  • How to deal with differing thoughts, beliefs, and opinions
  • Thoughts on social media and our lack of attention 
  • The uphill battle on finding unbiased, uncensored information 
  • Are you thinking outside of yourself and your needs? 
  • The consequences of the vaccination mandate 
  • Understanding our capacity for darkness and evil 
  • What action can you take to be the solution? 



“No one is different than you and we all want the same thing which is happiness, peacefulness, and connectedness. And to remember that is to pay attention to the fact that of all the things the universe created, it created you. It didn’t create you to be adversarial with everyone.” 

“This is not blue and red. This is about who we are as a country, what we’ve stood for since the beginning of time, and it’s not about right and wrong. It’s about what is okay for me.”

“If you can’t stand up for yourself, you’re not going to stand up for your community. You’re just going to go and join a group that you hide behind.”



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