EP #88 Taking Responsibility for Your Life with Craig Long

by | Sep 16, 2021

Evie invites Craig Long, an ex-convict, and outspoken conservative activist, to speak about the value of taking responsibility for your actions through his amazing life story. Craig brings us along his journey of growing up in the penal system to becoming an influential business owner,  making this episode a must-listen! 

Get ready for complete transparency as Evie and Craig discuss how life boils down to an individual’s decisions and mindset. Divorce, attempted murder, and prison life are just a few topics that this duo address! So tune in to hear how Craig learned from his mistakes, took ownership of his actions, and made himself a seat at the table.


  • Who is Craig Long?
  • Life in maximum security prison as a teen 
  • The harmful effects of group identity and identity politics  
  • Mindset changes that turned former convict into a successful business owner
  • The key to living to our highest potential 



“Life is gonna throw challenges at you. It’s how you deal with them, work through them, and come up with solutions on how you’re going to get through it”

“It doesn’t matter what they put in place to try to rehabilitate or try to help someone not revert back to those things or go back to that type of environment. It’s up to the person. It’s up to the individual.”

“Just like me, and many other people in this country, you can make a conscious decision to change it for yourself. You didn’t come from the type of family or the life that you want to live, then you have the opportunity to create that and change it.”



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