EP #89 True or False: How Long Do Antibodies Last? with Dr. TJ

by | Sep 23, 2021

Welcome to the “True or False with Dr. TJ” series! Dr. TJ Williams is the Founder and Clinical Director of The Institute of Natural Health. With his unique insights on functional medicine, Dr. TJ has a noteworthy approach to understanding the human condition and the natural treatments needed to heal the body. In this True or False series, Evie and Dr. TJ will be debunking some popular myths you may have heard about nutrition and health.

Living in a pandemic like today, there is always myth and misinformation floating around the media. So in this episode, Evie and Dr. TJ confront a commonly asked question about Covid-19 and whether antibodies prevent reinfection. Tune in to find the answer and learn the real key to immune system health. 



  • Does your body create antibodies after being infected with Covid?
  • Giving our body the necessary fuel to function at an optimal level 
  • No one cares more about your health than you do 
  • Understanding natural immunity 



“Our immune system is pretty uncanny in its ability to remember and fight the fight. But we also have to consider, we actually have to be giving our bodies the things that we need to make our immune system.” 



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