EP #90 Systemic Weakness Is the Real Issue We Face

by | Sep 30, 2021

Many of us have gotten to the point where we just want our life to be comfortable and without challenge. But in our desire for a comfortable, easy life, Evie unfolds how we have created an unprecedented level of weakness within ourselves and in turn within society. How many of us surround ourselves with people who constantly appease us? Why can we no longer have our views challenged or entertain open discussions about difficult topics?

Tune in as Evie reveals why the constant desire for us to make the world easier, instead of trying to make ourselves stronger, is just not going to work, and what we can do about it.



  • How individual weakness collectively sets the tone for society
  • Excessive comfort and the absence of challenge
  • Disadvantages of surrounding yourself with “appeasers” 



“Weak people prey on weaker people.”

“Strength is doing what is difficult when it would be easier to just take the easy route.”



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