EP #91 Preventative Care vs. Sick Care with Dr. ACE

by | Oct 7, 2021

In this episode, your host Evie talks all things health with Dr. ACE, a naturopathic medical doctor, and owner of Regenerate Health Medical Center. Listen in as she shares how her struggle with chronic pain after a severe accident led to her passion and enables her to guide patients from a place of personal experience. 

From encouraging people to be curious about their health, to the limitations of Western medicine and the mistakes both Evie and Dr. ACE had to learn from, don’t miss this glimpse into naturopathy and take your first step in creating better health.



  • Dr. Ace’s personal health journey 
  • Differences between naturopathic and conventional medicine 
  • Taking responsibility for your health 
  • Protecting the right to bodily autonomy  
  • Why nutrition is key 


“You create your health by the actions that you take every single day.”

“That really gives me an incredible passion to work with my patients because I want to figure out, you know, find in their puzzle what are the pieces that they can shift, change, start doing, stop doing, that will have a dramatic effect.” 



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