EP #92 Do You Really Want to be Denied Medical Care?

by | Oct 14, 2021

In this short but powerful episode, Evie urges us to do what’s right. Sharing stories from across the country concerning medical discrimination around COVID-19, Evie asks us to be brave and take a stand. This is no longer an issue of opinions, but right versus wrong.

Tune in and stop the separatist and divisive language. It’s time to speak up in your community and ensure EVERYONE has access to the quality medical care they need.


  • What is the Babylon Bee?
  • How great satire uses today’s truths 
  • Personal choice and medical care
  • The future of medical discrimination?


“The divisiveness and intolerance for people that don’t think like you has to end. So this is a matter of standing up for what is right.”


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