EP #94 Taking Personal Inventory

by | Oct 28, 2021

No phone. No contact with the outside world. Complete silence…. In this episode, Evie reveals what she learned from her transformational month away from the real world.    

Listen in as Evie explains how she took the intensity out of her everyday life, allowing for a personal inventory, looking at every aspect of herself with a magnifying glass. From recognizing her shadow self to acknowledging her shortcomings to holding herself accountable. And realizing that we cannot expect accountability, change, and improvement from the world if we are not doing it within ourselves first. 

Be sure not to miss this honest and raw episode of EML Radio Talking Truth.



  • Evie’s recent awakening 
  • The power of taking a personal inventory
  • Recognizing your “shadow self”
  • Holding yourself accountable and taking action
  • What is a personal inventory prayer?



“I had to have enough space for myself, in order to even hear what was going on inside of me.”

“It sounds cliche, but change starts within ourselves. And if we’re not willing to do those little things to improve our own existence, then we’re never going to be able to do it out there on a larger scale.” 



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