EP #95 What Your Surroundings Say About Your Mindset

by | Nov 4, 2021

As Evie moves into her new home, she continues her spiritual transformation by effecting a personal inventory. While physically cleaning out closets and looking around her, she realizes the impact of the things we do every day, no matter how small. From brushing your teeth to going for a walk, how you spend the majority of your life is simply an outward indication of what is going on in your head. 

Tune in as EML Radio challenges you to take inventory and “clean up your room”. After all, affecting change starts with you!



  • Evie’s house moving realizations 
  • Why you need to “clean up your room”
  • Looking at your surroundings – what is in need of repair?
  • How small things add up to powerful transformations 
  • The essential role of humility in change  



“Who you are isn’t just what you think and how you behave and what you say and what you look like. Who you are is represented in the things around you and how you carry out every aspect of your life.” 



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