EP #101 Who Do You Trust and Why?

by | Dec 17, 2021

Living in a time where everyone thinks they need to have an opinion, how can we differentiate fact from feelings? Even when it comes to our own beliefs? 

In this episode, Evie explores trust – who we trust, who we shouldn’t trust, and what makes people trust others. Speaking to her own experience, Evie shares the value of humility, always keeping herself in check and being perpetually hungry to learn more. She advises us not to pretend to have all the answers but to do the research and find a variety of trustworthy information outlets. As with time, the truth always reveals itself.



– What makes people trust others?

– Why truth always reveals itself

– The value of humility and awareness

– Fact or opinion – do your research!

– Where are you sourcing trustworthy information?

– You can’t be part of a solution if you don’t fully understand the problem



“A lot of people that are not affected by a problem try to act as if they have the solution. And they don’t.”

“You need to start questioning who you are trusting and who you are willing to take your advice from.”



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