EP #100 Remember Where Your Rights Come From

by | Dec 9, 2021

With the prospect of mandatory vaccination mandates looming over the entire world, your host Evie sends out a wake-up call! It’s time to stop accepting the lies and start living in truth! Are you really going to let inconvenience thwart your beliefs? Tune in as Eva urges us to stop being grateful for our God-given rights and asks us to stand up for what we believe. You have a bigger impact than you can imagine! You matter!



– Does inconvenience deter your beliefs?

– Why are you thankful for basic human rights?

– What is your responsibility to the truth?

–  Your influence and impact matter!



“We are now acting like we should be grateful and appreciative for the ability to go to work!?” 

“When you sacrifice what you believe in, the person that pays the biggest price for that is you.” 



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