EP #99 Muscle Drives Metabolism with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

by | Dec 2, 2021

The narrative around protein has become extremely controversial in the last decade. Are we eating enough protein? Is too much protein bad for us? What protein source is best? With so many questions surrounding this vital macronutrient, what are we supposed to believe?

In this episode, Evie’s special guest and founder of the Institute for Muscle Centric Medicine, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, answers these burning questions and debunks the common myths around protein. From plant versus animal protein to shifting the obesity conversation to a muscle-centric solution, listen in as Dr. Gabrielle Lyon sets the record straight!



– What is muscle-centric medicine?

– The true root cause of obesity

– Why muscle is the organ of longevity 

– High-quality protein is essential 

– How much protein should you be eating? And when?



“If we care about actually trying to fix the problem, which on one hand is obesity, the other is frailty/sarcopenia, then we have to talk more about muscle.”

“My approach to medicine is not an approach of deprivation.”



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