EP #98 Raw Sugar: Aging, Addiction, & Admitting Defeat

by | Nov 25, 2021

In this special tell-all episode of Raw Sugar, Evie reveals the truth behind her recent spiritual awakening and the glory of stepping into your own power. 

Tune in as Evie describes losing control of her life and how humility and surrender were the essential keys to getting it back. Transformed, grateful, and living her life to the fullest, Evie shares her experiences so that others on the same road may start to build and improve their life too. 

As Jen so aptly put it: “You’ve been stone long enough, and it’s not working. Be willing to crumble so that wildflowers can grow”.



  • Are your friendships intentional?
  • The hardest thing Evie has ever done
  • Evie’s spiritual awakening 
  • What is the upper limit problem?
  • The sober stigma
  • Be willing to surrender



“The value and importance of friendship does not decline with age.” 

“You don’t change your shit until you’re tired of shoveling it.” 

“You’re drawing in things into your life for a reason. And I was drawing chaos into my life.” 



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